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The Northwest Michigan Arts and Culture Network formed as a grassroots response to the needs of individual artists and arts and cultural organizations. Five years in, we are now a 501(c)3 and have begun the hard work of strengthening the system that supports a thriving creative sector.

The challenges of COVID-19 have dramatically impacted arts and culture locally and nationally. The reasons the Network formed are even more important right now.

Will you join us as we launch our membership program?

As a member of the Network, you will further the vision we share for a vibrant and valued creative sector.

Together, we will:

Connect artists, arts and cultural organizations, and stakeholders with one another and the community to share resources and best practices.

Build the capacity of arts and cultural organizations and individuals by providing access to funding opportunities and professional development resources.

Promote and advocate for arts and culture in our region. 


Network Memberships are available for individuals and organizations of all disciplines in arts, culture and creative businesses.

Network Member – Individual           $25
Artists, Performers, Writers, Historians, Culture Bearers, All Creative Disciplines

Network Member – Organization
(Budgets less than $500,000)
$250 (Budgets more than $500,00) 

Arts & Cultural Organizations, Studios, Galleries, Venues,
including businesses and community projects/associations with direct affiliation
with arts, culture and the creative sector. Organizational membership includes staff and board.

Network Membership Benefits

Calls for art, job postings, funding, opportunities and sharing via website, social media, PR
(including linked listings in online directory, calendar, tours & map)

Promotion (individual/collective)
media relations, cross promotional opportunities

Advocacy (collective voice)

Toolboxes & training opportunities – advocacy, workshops, templates

Regional roundtables – virtual and in person

Artists After Hours & informal networking

Annual Northwest Michigan Arts & Culture Summit registration

Training and capacity building workshops and webinars

Access to professional expertise within the network and referral (strategic planning, grant writers, financial, etc.)

Ability to promote your work and share opportunities to network and media lists

Community Champions

 Community champions support the Network with your donations, engagement and sponsorships.

As a community champion, you will:

Invest in the our region’s cultural vibrancy and sustainability

Contribute to a strong and resilient ecosystem that supports our creative sector and helps all thrive

Partner with the Network to create, collaborate and advocate for arts and culture

Promote the people, places, contributions and communities that make Northern Michigan a creative hub

Will you be a Champion?

Let’s Connect

Please join the Northwest Michigan Arts & Culture Network on social media. Promote your events, announcements and creative work by posting or sharing to the Network sites. Join the private Facebook group to discuss with colleagues. Invite others to join, like, support and engage!


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