Mission Blues

Our Mission is to bridge underwater art with education to increase visibility and exploration, building powerful connections to our region’s waters.

We have already made a big impact by being in classrooms reading stories or our fresh lakes and creating wearable art. Participating in Maker’s Fests and teaching at our local library.

We are fundraising for our program called, AquaYouth where groups of 6 kids between the ages of 12 – 16 will learn all the tools to pass their Open Water Dive Certification course and go on as a Youth Advisory Counsel mentoring others with interest in the field. Reaching out to our underserved communities and trying to make this type of education more accessible.

We just launched our Life Jacket Library program that is going gang busters in our local community. We are placing stands that will hold life jackets in three different sizes for public use.

We also are hosting our first annual Snorkel Camp this year! This camp is for youth ranging in age from 6 – 8. They will learn how to clear a snorkel mask which is the same mask worn for SCUBA diving. They will learn new fin techniques, how to properly care for their equipment along with water safety. Our teaching approach is through hands on experiences, building art and placing a snorkel trail, building a small fish crib to see if anything moves in during our week, and many other water related activities!

Our big dream is to foster our youth to safely explore our waters, get curious, engaged, and grow up to be advocates for the protection of all marine life. We sometimes dream that we will have a center of our own on the water where families can gather, utilizing life jackets, learning water safety, snorkeling and SCUBA diving all while enjoying beautiful art with regional meaning and purpose year round.