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Mash-Up Rock & Roll Musical

Mashup Rock & Roll Musical has been embracing the weird and producing work in Traverse City since 2013. Our mission is to bring a unique and irreverent rock & roll theatre experience to Northern Michigan, while challenging both ourselves and our audiences to move outside our own perspectives. We produce new works that remix popular culture not just to entertain, but to celebrate and question the society we live in, with stories that promote inclusion and tolerance. We also hope to always make our audiences feel a part of our shows, even providing opportunities for audience participation. During 2020, while most everything we shut down, Mashup produced a live drive-in musical theatre experience called Scooby Doo-Wop as well as the six episode web series Bjork and Mindy, which is still available to purchase through Vimeo. 

UPCOMING: Our next full musical production, A Midsummer Night’s California Dream, is slated for August of 2022!

PHOTOS: Bjork and Mindy; How Grinchy Met the Who; The Little Prince & the Man from Mars

5428 Brentwood Ave Grawn MI 49643