Students explore "Five Needles" at Michigan Legacy Art Park

The Northwest Michigan Arts & Culture Network

Guided by its strategic priorities of Connecting, Capacity Building and Communications, the Network serves as a central hub for arts and culture—providing backbone services while connecting artists, culture bearers, organizations, and community projects throughout the region. Our membership program provides access to resources and opportunities to collaborate, learn, advocate, access funding, strengthen capacity, and build engagement. 

We strive to strengthen the ecosystem supporting arts and culture, connect communities to our creative sector, and to work collectively and collaboratively so all can succeed.

No other organization in Northwest Michigan serves this function without conflict. 


To support and strengthen the collective power of artists, culture bearers and the creative sector to cultivate vibrant communities.

Our Strategic Priorities


We are a hub for artists, cultural organizations, patrons and community members to discover one another and the creative community.

Capacity Building

Members discover funding opportunities and professional development resources facilitated by the Arts & Culture Network.


We leverage our collective voice to advocate for arts and culture in our region and promote the great creative work of one another. 

The Network is the regional arts and cultural service organization serving the ten counties of Northwest Lower Michigan:

  • Antrim
  • Benzie
  • Charlevoix
  • Emmet
  • Grand Traverse
  • Kalkaska
  • Leelanau
  • Manistee
  • Missaukee
  • Wexford

The region is home to more than 150 organizations and 1,500 artists as well as numerous community cultural projects and creative endeavors. Individually and collectively, all contribute to the quality, economy, culture and conversations resonating through our vibrant communities.


Our Vision

We envision a Northwest Michigan region that highly values and supports the creative sector and is a place where artists and people of all backgrounds, disciplines, and interests lead fulfilled lives.

Our Beliefs

We believe in these principles, which guide all our efforts:

  1. Creative expression is transformational, creates opportunities, and should be accessible to all.
  2. Everyone in the arts and culture sector are essential drivers of vibrant communities, stimulating economic activity and increasing cultural empathy.
  3. A strong, connected arts and culture ecosystem allows creative endeavors to thrive, adding value and increasing impact.
  4. Working together, our collective voice is stronger and our influence is greater.