The Old Art Building came into being in 1922 as the result of planning and fundraising done by the Walter T. Best Women’s Club, led by Allie Mae Maro. Allie Mae was the widow of Walter T. Best, also known as Edward Maro “Price of Magic.”

In 1923 Allie Mae opened her own business, The Blue Lantern Tea Room which offered lunch as well as afternoon tea. Those who knew Allie Mae knew her to be a generous hostess and a great supporter of arts and culture in the region. She and her husband had toured on the Lyceum circuit before his passing and had been known to host salon entertainments in their estate home on Lake Leelanau.

Drawing from all of this rich history, The Old Art Building is pleased to introduce the Blue Lantern Tea Room program monthly through the winter. We offer the intimate salon-style interaction with artists along with refreshments and tea to be enjoyed in the sunlit ambiance of this historical space.

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