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Amy Stein-Hansen
Ashlee Cowles
Carol Murray Jewelry
Cindy McSurely
Deborah Crandell
Diane Frederick
Elizabeth Calcutt
Greta Bolger
Heather Harris-Brady
Helen Grove
Holly Polich
Ian Jones
Jim Young
Joe Thatcher Thatcher
Judy Zorn
Julie Avery
Kristi Wodek
Laura Quackenbush
Laurie Sears
Leslie Donaldson
Linda Gits
Lora Frankel
Lisa Ventimiglio
Marcia Conlon
Mark Bowyer
Mary Dye
Megan Holtrey
Melanie Olsen
Melissa Johnson
Mercedes Michalowski
Molly Thompson
Helen Raica-Klotz
Raizel Coiman
Renee Hintz
Sharon Hubbard
Sharon Mick McAuley
Tamara Hoffbauer
Tami Maisel
Terry Beamsley
Ginny Hawkins
Walter J. Lee
William Lindemann
Yvonne Sage


Welcome to the Members Only Page

Thank you for your support and membership in the Northwest Michigan Arts & Culture Network. We look forward to continuing to build our network and advocate for arts and culture locally and regionally.

As a member, you gain access to several member-only features. We invite you to take advantage of your membership, engage with others and promote using the tools available. Please also share your recommendations with us on other ways to support your work.


Member Tools

Following are a links and tools available to members only. Member resources will continue to grow during the next few months. Please share your feedback and suggestions.

  • Member Showcase: Promote your event, job posting, call for art, or other info sharing on the Member Showcase page.
    • Use the Member Board Form to submit your post
    • You are able to upload artwork in .jpg or .png format
    • Your showcase post will be displayed with other member posts on the Showcase page, then link to a page for your post.
    • You are able to to include a link directly back to your website, ticket site or other link.
    • Posts require approval but will be done quickly (no longer than 24-hour turn-around)
  • Member Hyperlinks: Members are listed on this page and the Member Showcase with links to your website. Please let us know if your link is not working or should be directed elsewhere.
  • Interactive Map: Are you listed on the interactive Network Map? If not, please contact us with physical location, website and contact info.  This map will be modified moving forward to highlight members.
  • Digital Toolboxes: Digital toolboxes will be available to members only. These are being developed and will be available shortly.
  • Social Media: You are able to post your events directly to the Facebook page at Northwest Michigan Arts & Culture Network as well as colleague information, opportunities and posts at the private Facebook group NW MI Arts & Culture Community.
  • Zoom Roundtables: Please join our monthly Zoom Roundtables on the first Thursday of every month at 10am. These are informal opportunities to share updates, challenges, opportunities and connect. If you have a topic to add to the agenda, please contact us.