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Hit The Boards

One could make a case for basketball to be the most artful of all professional sports. The choreography, agility, improvisation, flow, intuition, and creative expression are unmistakable. Yet this year’s NBA Finals dance—like many others—may come down to something more important than speed, size, or ability. It is fundamentals that often make the difference.

Likewise—big or small, longstanding or startup, slow-and-steady or fast-and-furious—every nonprofit arts and culture organization’s success is rooted in the team’s healthy foundation in fundamentals.

For example, when was the last time your board of directors took a moment to review their most basic three legal responsibilities?

  • Duty of Care:
    Approach each meeting with thorough preparation and a readiness to engage. Stay informed and proactive about the organization’s operations and activities to make well-considered decisions that drive the mission.
  • Duty of Loyalty:
    Transparency is key—disclose any potential conflicts. Use your influence to champion the mission, ensuring your actions align with the organizational values without seeking personal or professional gain. Prioritize the organization’s interests above your own—remember, this “thing” does not belong to you.
  • Duty of Obedience:
    Follow all applicable laws, adhere to your organization's bylaws, and ensure all decisions guard the mission. Every decision should protect and further the mission, ensuring organizational actions align with core values and legal obligations. This helps safeguard the integrity and purpose of the organization.

Clearly, these duties are just the surface of what can be a deep and secure foundation—a fixture to be regularly assessed throughout the lifespan of an organization. On June 8, we are presenting a workshop designed for organizations of all shapes and sizes to (re)discover how key fundamentals will help guide your leadership to a cohesive, respectful, and mission-focused future right now.

Join us for three immersive hours facilitated by respected nonprofit consultant Cindy McSurely. You’ll learn practical tools and techniques and invaluable direction on how nonprofit boards and staff can function together to maximize impact and organizational health.

Level Up: Professional Development Series

Board Basics - Roles & Responsibilities

June 8, 2024

9:00 AM

Charlevoix Public Library

Teams of 2 are encouraged to attend together (Executive Director and/or Board Members)
Space is limited: Register today to secure your spot.


Your cost for this workshop has been underwritten by grants from Petoskey- Harbor Springs Area Community Foundation, Charlevoix County Community Foundation, and Michigan Arts & Culture Council.