Summit Schedule

The 2024 Northwest Michigan Arts & Culture Summit will be presented at Interlochen Center for the Arts. Zoom options available for remote participation.

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Morning Welcome & Panels

Prelude – 8:15-8:35am

Registration & Networking
Continental Breakfast
Sharing Table

Morning music performed by Ted Alan

Members artwork and music will be on display and woven through the day.

Gather & Greetings – 8:30am

Trey Devey

President, Interlochen Center for the Arts

Gary Gatzke

President, Northwest Michigan Arts & Culture Network

Associate Director of Continuing & Community Education, Interlochen Center for the Arts

Mary Bevans Gillett
Executive Director, Northwest Michigan Arts & Culture Network

Showcasing the Power of Our Arts

What better way to kick of our day than to experience the power of music and the arts as Interlochen Arts Academy
classical voice students perform pieces from the original opera Edmonia which will hold its world premiere on May 4.

Dr. Camille Colatosti

Provost, Interlochen Center for the Arts


Interlochen Arts Academy Classical Voice & Opera Students

Session 1 – 9:00am

Powering Our Partnerships
Collaborating Creatively

We all play roles in furthering the arts and powering cultural vibrancy. Let’s build on our strengths with collaborations, creativity and connections across all sectors. This interactive discussion with regional and state leaders will kick off an interactive deeper dive.

Alison Watson
Director, Michigan Council for Arts & Cultural Affairs

Warren Call
President & CEO, Traverse Connect
Co-Chair, Northern Michigan Chamber Alliance

Additional Names
To Be Announced



Trey Devey
President, Interlochen Center for the Arts

Short Break

Session 2 – 10:00am

Big Dreams & Creative Plans

It’s time to dream big and bring shape to the collaborations we would like to create.
We will use the discussions, info and issues raised in the opening sessions to work together to identify key opportunities, resources and action plans.

To be Announced

Table Facilitators

To be Announced

Session 3 – 11:15am

Community Partners: When We Lead with the Arts

During the 2023 Summit, we were challenged to consider two questions.
What do the arts in Northern Michigan mean to me?
What would happen if we built our communities with arts at the center?


Both questions launched a year long community partners project with Interlochen Public Radio, Michigan Writers, area communities and the Network to showcase the essence and transformational power of arts and culture. 



Peter Payette
Executive Director, Interlochen Public Radio

Break for Lunch

Lunch – 11:55 PM

Sandwich & Salad Buffet

Continue your own community partnering! Enjoy lunch with participants and presenters. Mix it up. Meet new colleagues and renew relationships. Brainstorm. Share ideas, experiences, questions and best practices.

Lunch is informal – We’ll formally reconvene in time for the MACC Presentation at 12:30.

MACC Talk – 12:30pm

State of the Arts for Arts & Culture

There are many new changes coming for the State of Michigan Arts & Culture Council (MACC).
Much re-envisioning, study and planning has been underway as the Council builds for a strong future serving and supporting arts and cultural sector across the state
 in the years to come. MACC Director Alison Watson will discuss the ‘year of transition’ as well as exciting changes for MACC’s funding programs, services and future plans working together. This presentation will include information on the grant programs that will be announced by MACC on May 1. 


Alison Watson

Director, Michigan Arts & Culture Council


One-on-Ones with Michigan Arts & Culture Council Throughout the Day

In addition to Alison’s presentation, MACC staff and council members will be at the Summit throughout the day and welcome the chance to meet, discuss, and answer questions.

Alex Flannery, MACC Operational Support Program Director &
Jeff Garrett, MACC Capital Improvements Program Director & ADA 504 Coordinator

Meet Esther Triggs, MACC Council Member &
Interlochen Center for the Arts Director of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Move to Breakouts – 12:55pm


Breakouts A, B, C – 1:00-1:55pm
– Short Break –
Breakouts D, E, F – 2:00-2:55pm

Breakout A

Artist Track

Artist as Entrepreneur &/or B-Side Sessions


To Be Announced

Breakout B
Capacity Building

Fundraising Lightening Round


Cindy McSurely
The Benedict Group

Breakout C

Communications/Capacity Building

All Things Data


To Be Announced

Breakout D


Building Community Partners & Champions

(Deep Dive)


To Be Announced

Breakout E

Capacity Building

Cultivating Your Culture: Attracting, Retaining & Developing Talent


To Be Announced

Breakout F


Creative Presentations: Thinking on Your Feet & Out of Thin Air


To Be Announced

Next Steps & Send-Off – 3:00pm

Join us back in the Great Room for a short recap and then we’ll head to IPR to celebrate our work.

Post-Summit Reception

Join us for a final chance to network, continue conversations and share a toast to the day with our colleagues at Interlochen Public Radio. In addition to the reception, the IPR studios will be open for tours and a sample of our two wonderful public radio stations – IPR News & Classical IPR – at work.

interlochen IPR public radio