QuinTango: Buenos Aires Experience at Oliver Art Center

Hear the heartbeat of classical Argentinian tango channeled by a quintet of award winning international chamber musicians and their crackerjack Argentine bandoneón player. This is tango like you’ve never imagined it: classical chops, jazz harmonies, and intimate arrangements written for the group by outstanding composers in Buenos Aires. ‘Chamber tango’ is the result of this musical alchemy, a middle ground that draws in lovers of both classical and non-classical music to experience the fullness of life—the stories, the culture, and the exhilaration of tango. This award-winning group has played the White House, the Kennedy Center, and major festivals all around the world.

Our Art of the Tango event allows you to take a deep dive into the world of tango! Explore our tango-inspired art exhibit upon arrival, then at 5:00 pm, learn about the culture and dance itself from QuinTango’s dance master, Victor Rua of Buenos Aires. At 6:00 pm, soak in QuinTango’s captivating live concert in our beautiful Beck Gallery. Then, join the after-party - a “milonga” dance social in our Borwell Gallery and Sunset Deck beginning at 7:30. Mingle with performers, savor Argentine-inspired nibbles and wines, and watch (or try!) tango with fellow enthusiasts to the backdrop of a tango music track. This is an immersive event you won’t want to miss - a night in Buenos Aires without having to locate your passport? Grab your tickets now!


August 9, 2024 @ 5:00 pm
August 9, 2024 @ 9:00 pm


Elizabeth Lane Oliver Center for the Arts
PO Box 1513
Frankfort, MI 49635