‘UNION’, A MURAL PROJECT PILOT Art has always been a tool that can bring people together from different backgrounds, uniting them under one common theme. It is one of the few things that transcends cultures, age differences, and language barriers. As we strive to create conversations around the unifying themes of art, the Traverse City Arts Commission would like your help in creating a public exhibit that explores these themes. The Traverse City Arts Commission has an exciting opportunity for artists  — the ‘Union” Mural Project.  In the summer of 2021, two pairs of murals are set to be painted on buildings along Union Street, part of the Old Town neighborhood of Downtown Traverse City. 
Murals are slated to be painted in the months of June & July 2021
Ribbon cutting ceremony to be held in July/August
Stipend | $2000
Artist Accommodations (Food, Travel, Etc.) | up to $1,000
Supplies | $5000 split amongst the 4 selected artists
Purpose of project “Union”
This project includes two pairings of two 5’x5’ murals (four murals in total). In an effort to promote unity (especially in particularly partisan times), and find a location for a new Downtown mural project, the Traverse City Arts Commission conceived a concept to utilize ‘Union Street’ as the symbolic and practical location for this arts commission. Going beyond the traditional concept of a single mural, the Arts Commission has developed the idea of creating ‘pairs’ (or ‘unions’) of murals along Union Street to speak to the symbolic nature of the concept. Locations along Union Street have been selected by the commission based on availability, access, and visibility. 
Artists are encouraged to apply as a pair, with their paintings starting a larger conversation for the community, thus further emphasizing the theme of unity.

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