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Art Rapids

Beginning in 2006, Art Rapids was the first community non-profit organization with a sole purpose of promoting art education and cultural experiences in the Elk Rapids area. After a decade of providing a June Art Show in Veteran’s Memorial park, Art Rapids then evolved to combine art and nature at the Walk of Art sculpture park in the Elk Rapids Day Park on South Bayshore Drive. Created in 2013 with six sculptures, the Walk of Art currently features more than 30 works of art in the lush, natural setting of the day park which also offers nearly a quarter mile of beach along the shores of East Grand Traverse Bay. Free concerts in the park appear annually featuring a diverse presentation of musicians who enjoy a unique venue to share their talents. Kids Clay Camp also takes place annually with specific creative themes for students ages 6-16, which are displayed the following summer in the Kids Camp section of the park. Plein Aire events are also known to “pop up” when weather permits and artists have the time!!


920 S Bay Shore Dr, Elk Rapids, MI 49629