Amy Stein-Hansen
Ashlee Cowles
Carol Murray Jewelry
Cindy McSurely
Deborah Crandell
Diane Frederick
Elizabeth Calcutt
Greta Bolger
Heather Harris-Brady
Helen Grove
Holly Polich
Ian Jones
Jim Young
Joe Thatcher Thatcher
Judy Zorn
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Traverse City Dance Project

Founded by Executive/Artistic Director Brent Whitney & Artistic Director Jennifer McQuiston Lott. The Mission of the Traverse City Dance Project is to present professional dance in Northern Michigan. We seek to develop, support & amplify the voice of artists. The TCDP is committed to expanding our reach to underserved arts audiences and ensuring our programs are accessible and affordable to all. Over the past 9 seasons we’ve engaged professional dancers, choreographers, musicians, and composers, hailing from Michigan local and around the world, to participate in our summer series of performances and programs for the Northern Michigan community. We strive to turn the creative process inside-out by inviting the NM community to engage with us through workshops, open rehearsals, and innovative performances.

4178 Barnes Rd
Traverse City