City Opera House

The historic City Opera House in Traverse City is a performing arts venue and community center located in the heart of downtown Traverse City. Programming is offered year round. The City Opera House is designated a Michigan State Historical Site and on the National Register of Historic Places.

The City Opera House books and presents two series of national touring attractions annually. The MSU Federal Credit Union Performing Arts Series, consists of 8-12 touring shows and 2-3 Bus trip to Wharton Center/MSU to see live Broadway Shows. The other series is Raymond James Live @ City Opera House and consists mostly of comedians and concerts of local or national touring concerts that don’t book as far out as the Performing Arts Series.

We also host local visual artists on a monthly basis and strongly believe in supporting them. Recently we also became involved with TCAPS in presenting Live at City Opera House, it’s Storytime. Storytime is a program that brings in community leaders to read a short 20-30 minute story that’s STEM related and offers some related demonstrations that can be done at home. The programs are filmed and just recently was picked up by the Michigan Learning Channel/PBS to public viewing. Programs can also be viewed at tcaps-24/7

We are also a rental facility for community events, like the National Writers Series, one of the host homes for the Traverse City Film Festival, TCNewTech, proms, graduations, some films, corporate meetings, conferences, local non-profits hosting events and a myriad of other events.

The Opera House was gifted to the City of Traverse City in the late 70’s, in short the City Opera House Heritage Association are the stewards of the community gathering space. We just have the pleasure of making it a vibrant community asset.


106 E Front St
Traverse City