Drama Kids

All of our Drama Kids classes and summer camps utilize a unique, fun, and imaginative, drama curriculum developed over 25 years that ensure all students will fully participate and benefit from each class. Drama Kids provides imaginative learning experiences that also include occasional fun class performances to enhance the experience. We have highly qualified and specially trained teachers providing programs in community centers, schools and other convenient locations. New creative lessons in each class, proven to be both fun and highly developmental. 

Drama Kids provides remarkable creative drama education for children and young adults. We are the most popular after school drama program in the world, and have provided innovative programs to tens of thousands of children in the USA since 1999. Our specialty is using a wide range of unique drama activities to focus the bold, outspoken child and to draw out the quiet child or the inarticulate child and help them reach into themselves to discover their full potential.

618 S. Union St.
Traverse City, MI