Advocacy comes in many shapes and sizes. Whether it’s advocating among legislative officials, within the community or over coffee, everyone can play a role in raising awareness, engagement and appreciation for arts, culture and our creative communities. Explore tools and strategies below to build ‘brand ambassadors’ and community engagement as well as advocating for policies, funding and support from local leaders, organizations and elected officials. Looking for resources you’re not finding? Contact 

Sharing Your Voice

Use your voice and your experiences to tell your story and share the impact that arts and culture make on our communities.

Here are some tools to help shape your message.

Cross Promotional Tools

Build awareness for network, your work and strength of our hundreds of artists, organizations, cultural work and creative endeavors throughout Northwest Michigan. Cross promotional tools are available below and are always being developed. Have an idea or a need – let us know!

Print ad is available for use in print materials, programs, websites or other promotion. Download here – or request at

Logos can be used on websites, programs, promotions and ads. Downloads are available in multiple formats below:

Your “Elevator Speech,” Crafting Your Advocacy Message

Creative Many Michigan, 3/2018

Finding Your Elected Officials

Here are links to help you connect with the elected officials representing your region:

10 Reasons to Support Arts & Culture

Americans for the Arts has compiled research, links and tools to demonstrate the impact arts and culture.

Partnering with Business and Communities

Americans for the Arts just launched its renewed and revamped pARTnership Movement site and tools to support efforts to work connect our arts, culture and creative endeavors with communities and businesses. Learn more on the Arts Blog and visit for tools and ideas.

Arts and Social Impact Explorer

Americans for the Arts has produced the Arts + Social Impact Explorer, an online primer that draws together top-line research, example projects, core research papers, and service/partner organizations about 26 different sectors, all in an effort to make more visible the incredible, wide-reaching impact of the arts.This highly interactive, visual tool is meant to drive conversation, and is accompanied by customized Fact Sheets that are downloadable and printable for sharing. Functioning as the surface of a deep “lake” of knowledge, all impact points and research within the Explorer comes with citations and links so that people can visit the websites of all the example projects, click directly to the research referenced, and engage directly with the other partners doing this work around the country.

Research & Studies

Here is a sampling of data and reports relevant to arts, culture and creative communities.

Creative Many Michigan

    • Creative State Michigan: Creative Industries
    • Creative State Nonprofit Report, 2018
    • Michigan Arts Education Census

Creative Many Michigan

    • Case-making tools (Arts in Healthcare, Arts Education,
    • Local Arts Agency Profile

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