Advocate  &  Promote

Advocacy and promotion come in many shapes and sizes. Whether it’s advocating among legislative officials, within the community or over coffee, everyone can play a role in increasing engagement and appreciation for arts, culture and our creative communities. Regional branding, cross-promotion, media relations, digital strategies and community outreach raise awareness and increase audiences.

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Here are links to help you connect with the elected officials representing our region:


Michigan House Of Representatives


Michigan State Senate


Congressional Commitees


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Raise awareness for the Network and all that comprise Northwest Michigan’s vibrant arts and cultural community.

Marketing communication and media materials are available for download below. Printed informational rack cards are available for distribution. Additional formats available upon request. Contact: or use the contact us button.


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Use your voice and your experiences to tell your story and share the impact that arts and culture make on our communities.

Here are some tools to help shape your message.

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If you have questions to ask, suggestions or requests for media, or resources to add please contact us below.


Impact on Northwest Michigan

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